6 Ways To Tell Whether You’re Hiring The Best Window Cleaning Company

Window cleaning is a skilled profession, full of hard-working and talented individuals who can clean a window streak-free every time. There are a few people out there, however, who give window cleaning a bad name. They leaves streaks, track muddy footprints into your home, and are not particularly polite. The question is, how do you know when you are hiring one of the good companies? Luckily, there are several clues you can pick up along the way that can help you know if you hired the best window cleaning company.

1. Phone: It starts before you even meet your window cleaners in person. How do they treat you on the phone? Whether you hire a one-man operation or a larger company with a secretarial staff, phone manners are important. If they care enough to be polite when talking to you on the phone, they will care enough to do a good job on your windows.  

2. Estimate: Ask for a free estimate. Professional window cleaners are always happy to oblige --either over the phone, or in person. If you are told that estimates come at a cost, walk away. Correction: run!

3. Uniform: Professional window cleaners care about having a professional appearance. They do not show up in raggedy jeans and a torn t-shirt. They look clean and presentable with a uniform shirt clearly stating the name of their company. 

4. Experience: Ask how many years they have been cleaning windows. Window cleaning is a craft that one gets better at with repeated practice over time. Sometimes people think they can just clean a "few windows" on a Saturday for some extra money. Do not be their guinea pig. Likewise, if your window cleaner only cleans windows on his (or her) summer break from school, chances are they do not have enough experience. 

5. Shoes: Pay attention to how the window cleaner enters your home. Do they offer to take off their shoes, or put on little disposable booties? Not doing so indicates a lack of experience and, frankly, a lack of good manners. If a window cleaner cannot respect your carpet, he is not going to do a good job on getting your windows as clean and streak-free as they should be.

6. Streaks: While customer service and respect are a concern, streaks are the most important aspect of window cleaning, or, rather, the lack of streaks. Your windows should be completely free of all streaks. Walk around and take a good look when the job is done. A professional will not mind one bit. They take pride in their work. 

That's it --six easy ways to tell if you hired one of the best window cleaners in your area