4 Tips To Prevent Your Cat From Destroying Your Blinds

Even though you might love your cats, you might not love what they do to your blinds. Cats love looking out the window, and many of them will tear up your blinds in the process. Plus, some find themselves entertained by the pull string and the other components of your blinds. To keep your blinds looking great without banning your cats from the house, follow these tips.

1. Choose Sturdier Blinds

Plastic miniblinds might be cheap, but they aren't as strong as some other options. This means that they could become damaged more quickly due to the behavior of your frisky and mischievous cats. Consider going ahead and spending a little more money on your blinds now by investing in wooden blinds or other thicker, sturdier blinds. Then, they will be better able to withstand being knocked around by your cats.

2. Hide the String

The string that dangles from your blinds and is used to open and close them can be more temptation than your average house cat can bear. To help prevent your cat from tugging at the string and messing up your blinds, consider tucking it away so that the cat cannot see or reach it. You can stretch it along the top of your blinds, or you can tie it in a loose knot and hang it from a small hook that is hidden underneath your curtains.

3. Provide Your Cat With an Alternate View

It's understandable that a house cat would want to be able to look outside. By providing your cat with an alternative view of the outdoors, you can discourage it from messing with your blinds and climbing in the rest of the windows in your home. Consider choosing a window in a private spot and lifting up the blinds and allowing your cat to look outside.

4. Use a Deterrent

Cats hate citrus sprays, so consider using a citrus spray on your blinds to keep your kitties away from the windows. You can purchase a behavioral spray from a pet supply store. Another option is to use a spray bottle that is filled with water to quickly squirt your cats each time that they get near your blinds. Eventually, they might learn to leave them alone if they don't want to get wet.

As you can see, there are steps that you can take to prevent your cats from ruining your blinds. To keep your blinds in good shape without getting too frustrated with your cats, try these tips.

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