3 Tips For Staging Your Home Before Selling It

If you are putting your house on the market soon, you will first need to stage it. You may still be living in the home when the realtor begins showing it to potential homebuyers, but it is a good idea to move out at least some of your belongings and stage it so others can view their own belongings in the home. Here are some tips for staging the home.

Keep the Window Treatments

To start with, you want to keep some belongings in the home, such as primary furniture and basic window treatments. The window treatments will help to add to the overall appeal of the home. Many people don't want to see completely bare windows, though there are some situations where this is appropriate. For example, if you have a room with large windows or sliding glass doors, it might actually improve the room's appearance without any window treatments. However, if you have rooms with custom blinds made of high-quality materials, it is a good idea to keep them. This can be a good selling point for some homebuyers.

Use a Neutral Décor Style

When it comes to the décor and furniture you choose to include in the house, make sure you keep it neutral. You don't want to decorative or accessorize with items that are too feminine or masculine. A master bedroom should appeal to everyone, regardless of their tastes. Try to stick to whites, beiges, and natural shades. A little lilac or sage green is fine, but avoid using too much pink. Try not to have rooms that appear too dark and stuffy, and make everything bright and sunny. If you have rooms that are painted a bright color, it is a good idea to paint it a light, neutral color instead.

Leave Out Only a Few Personal Effects

As your real estate agent will likely tell you, you want to hide a good number of personal items, but not everything. You should keep out at least a few personal touches that make it look like a home to be lived in, and not a generic model home. Home buyers want to view their own items in a home, so you shouldn't keep it how you usually have it set up when living there. However, keeping out a knitted blanket on the sofa, hanging a few family pictures on the wall, and displaying your grandmother's china is not a bad idea. Click here for more information about windows.