Tips For Preventing Mold In Your Aluminum Windows

Condensation on windows with cold temperatures meeting the warm window can cause the aluminum window frame to mold. The problem can be increased if the window has been painted with a latex paint. The paint can become damp and cause condensation. Therefore, if you have paint on the aluminum, it is advisable to remove it with a scraper. Here are a few simple tips to prevent the mold issue in your home.

Humidifier and Exhaust Fan

Use a humidifier to eliminate the home's humidity levels when the temperature drops outside.

If you have a window in the bathroom, an exhaust fan may help with the moisture element. It is advisable to let the fan run while the shower is on and for approximately twenty minutes after you have finished. This should allow enough ventilation to prevent the moisture from having an effect on the frame. You can also leave the door cracked open to provide an escape route for the moisture if you don't have a fan unit.

Use an exhaust fan in the kitchen to prevent the moisture in the air. However, a ventless fan won't remedy the problem because it is emitting the moisture into the air. So, be sure to have the fan vented outside of the home.

Washer and Dryer

The washer and dryer also produce air moisture. If possible, try to have the duct to the home's exterior. If you have a ventless dryer, try to open the window to allow the moisture an escape route.

Baseboard Heating

Having a baseboard heating unit below the window can help reduce condensation on a window. However, be sure not to have a long hanging curtain that can be a fire hazard. Keep the curtains open so the condensation cannot build up on the aluminum frame.


To ensure cold air doesn't enter the pane of the window, be sure the caulk on the outside of the window is sufficient. If it breaks away from the window, you might get condensation to cause mold.


Painting the window frame with a rust-resistant paint may eliminate some of the rust issues. However, some paints are also mold-resistant. Tape the window area after you have thoroughly cleaned the surface. After it is fully dry, remove the tape.

One of the main preventive measures to prevent mold formation on the aluminum window unit is to keep the area open so air can get to its surface. If condensation is prevented, the likelihood of mold growth is greatly reduced. Talk to a window company, like Nu-Vue Products, for more help.