Is It Necessary To Replace Older Windows To Lower Energy Costs?

Your windows play a major role in the overall energy efficiency of your home. If buying new windows to replace older ones is not in your budget, there are things you can do to make your windows more efficient. Here are some suggestions you can implement without much work.

Use Window Film

Window film is an easy-to-install method of improving the energy efficiency of windows. The film is available in various tints, which not only helps to block out heat and sunlight, but also adds a layer of protection to your home. 

Another benefit of window film is that it can also be decorative. There are many different styles available, including stained, frosted, and textured. It is removable and can be used on more than just your home's windows. Any glass or Plexiglas surface can have film applied. 

Install Storm Windows

Storm windows fit over your windows from the exterior of the home. A storm window can reduce the amount of air entering and leaving your home. 

As an added measure, look for storm windows that have a low-e coating. The coating reduces conduction and heat loss. If your windows have no coating and have cracks, this is especially important. 

Depending on the area in which you live, you might quality for tax credits and savings for installing the storm windows. You can check the Department of Energy's website for information about potential savings in your area. 

Use a Plastic Window Kit

A plastic window kit fits over the entire window and provides insulation. The plastic kits have varying visibility levels, but there are clear ones that do not obstruct your view through the window. 

To get the most from the kit, check for cracks along the window's edge before installing the plastic. Use caulk to seal those cracks and further insulate the windows. 

Add an Awning

Installing an awning on your windows helps to create shade that blocks out the sunlight. As a result, the windows remain cooler and there is less heat getting into your home. Awnings are available in a variety of materials, including wood and metal. 

To increase the energy efficiency, you can pair the awning with thermal curtains on the interior. The thermal curtain not only helps with privacy, but keeps cold and heat out. 

You do not have to replace your windows to save on energy costs. By making small adjustments, you can save money without spending a great deal of it. 

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