3 DIY Projects To Give Replacement Windows More Details And Practical Features

Investing in replacement windows gives you energy efficiency, but they may not really change the look of your home. During the installation process, old trim and woodwork is often left in place. If you have newer metal or vinyl windows, there may virtually be no trim around the window at all, which is why you may be looking for ways to improve the appearance of your windows. Adding trim to the outside with woodworking projects can be a good way to add attractive details, as well as practical features. Here are some ideas to give you replacement windows more detail with DIY projects:

1. Use Simple 1x6 To Give Your Windows Wide Trim For Friezes

Using simple 1x6 wood materials can be a great way to add wood trim around your windows. It will give your windows the look of wide frieze boards, as well as a way to attach things like planters, hanging hooks and shutters to the exterior of the window. To do this, all you need to do is cut the pieces to attach to the sides, top and bottom of the window. Use long screws to attach the boards to the windows. If you are doing this over brick, you will want to screw the pieces in the mortar joints using anchors, as well as cover the inside of the brick opening with wood.

2. Add A Wide Window Ledge For Decoration And Setting Things In The Window

Another option that you may want to consider is adding a large window ledge to the windows. If you do not add trim around the window, you will want to do this by fastening a ledger to the bottom of the window with long bolts and fastening the window ledge to this. Another option is to cut angled brackets with wood to fasten the ledge to. You can also get brackets from a lumber supply service to get decorative wood brackets that are ready to install.

3. Give Your Windows Life With The Addition Of Planters In Window Seals

Planters are a very simple project that you can take on. You can build planters by making a box the width of your windows which can be used as a planter. Materials that are good for this are treated lumber, like decking. You can just make the box the same as the width of the material. The easiest option is to use plastic containers with metal hooks that can easily be hung from the window seal. If you want to have a small greenhouse, you can make a plastic cover for these planters that you can use for things like starting seedlings in late winter.

These are some woodworking projects that you may want to try to give your replacement windows more details. Before you start doing these projects with your old windows, contact a window replacement contractor to install the new windows before you begin.

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