Two Things You Should Not Do So You Can Avoid An Auto Windshield Replacement In Winter

Having to replace your windshield in the warmer months is unpleasant enough. However, you do have nice, warm weather and only rainy days might prove to be a problem when you are driving. If your windshield cracks or shatters in the middle of winter, the repairs and replacement cannot wait--it has to be done right away or you will freeze (or the weight of snow and ice will make the problem worse). There are also some things that can cause your windshield to crack in winter, in which case you will definitely want to avoid them or pay the price of an auto windshield replacement. Here are two things you should not do to your windshield so you can avoid the repairs and replacement costs in the middle of winter.

Do Not De-Ice Your Windshield with Boiling Water in Sub-Zero Weather

If you think back to your science classes in high school (and maybe even college), you might remember that placing anything exceptionally hot into a very cold space will cause it to crack. Likewise, pouring boiling water on your windshield in an attempt to melt ice when the outside temperatures dip way below zero is going to have a similar effect. As the ice very quickly cracks and your very cold windshield encounters the boiling water, the glass will crack. If you absolutely have to clear ice quickly from your windshield, turn on your car's defrost and let it blow for a couple of minutes to get the glass to warm up a little bit before pouring boiling water on it. If your heater and defrost are not working, use a chemical de-icer product in your windshield wiper fluid instead.

Do Not Use a Heavy Shovel to Push Snow off of Your Vehicle

Have you ever wondered why an ice scraper and snow pusher tool for cars does not have a giant shovel attached? Or why the companies that make these accessories use a brush end rather than a shovel end? The reason is pretty simple, really. As the glass on your car is weighed down with snow, it applies pressure and tension to the glass. If you were to drop a heavy shovel scoop on the glass to clear away several inches of snow, it is very similar to smacking the glass with a baseball bat. By dropping the shovel on top of the already heavy snow on the straining glass, you just increased the pressure and tension and the glass gives way in areas where it is the weakest. Ergo, avoid using any sort of  shovel directly on the windshields and windows.

For more information, talk to an auto windshield replacement company.