Want New Window Treatments? 4 Reasons To Add A Layer Of Blackout Curtains

Decorating your home is not just for looks, especially when you involve window treatments. Whether you choose blinds, curtains, or shades can impact how easy it is to block light, let light in, and enjoy privacy. If you already have window treatments on the windows in your home, you may think that you would have to replace them with new ones that are thicker to enjoy more privacy and block out more light. However, you can just add to your current window treatments with blackout curtains. Adding a secondary layer in blackout curtains can provide a number of worthwhile benefits.

Various Levels of Light Control

Most window treatments are not capable of blocking out light entirely. Blackout curtains, on the other hand, block out all light, but they do not provide you with options for controlling light penetration. Multiple treatments will give you the best control, as you can use your regular curtains to block some light and blackout curtains to block all light. Blackout treatments also allow you to easily control bothersome glares that you would normally have on your televisions and computer monitors.

Sleep Better at Any Time

Sleeping in complete darkness is what you need for your body to produce melatonin, which will help you doze off and stay asleep. Even the smallest amount of light can have a negative impact on your sleep. Blackout curtains provide you with the ability to sleep at any time throughout the night or day. Also, if light from lamp posts, nearby homes, or the moon normally creates some kind of light in your bedroom, you can fully expand the blackout curtains to prevent the light from keeping you up.

Enjoy a Cooler Home

Blackout curtains are adept at blocking out light, which means they also help to block out heat. If you want to have an easier time staying cool through late spring and all summer without cranking up the air conditioner, you can block almost all incoming light with curtains before you head out for the day.

Improves Attractiveness

Black is a neutral color, so you should not have much trouble incorporating it into your home's style. However, without dark colors throughout your home, it might not fit in that well. Fortunately, using it as your secondary set of window treatments allows it to complement what you already have. This way, you do not have to worry about blackout curtains being the primary attraction.

It is not always that easy to pick from your options for window treatments. The best solution is to just add blackout curtains to gain extra benefits and still enjoy the advantages of your current ones. Talk to a company like Snyders Shades & Shutters for more information on various window treatments.