Do You Hear And Feel The Wind Inside Your House? What To Know

If you feel like the wind blowing around outside is blowing right through your house and that you the exterior walls or thin and the windows are old, it's time to transform your home. You want to make sure everything is updated and efficient, so you can save money and protect your home at the same time. Here are a few of the things you'll want consider doing for a quiet and comfortable living space.


Consider new insulated siding to help shield the house from pests and water, and to keep wind out. The siding will improve the exterior appearance of the home, making the property look more modern which adds value, and the new durable siding makes the home more durable. There are a variety of great, affordable siding options that will help with efficiency and sound, like vinyl, fiber cement and more.


Once the siding is off, consider adding new insulation throughout the house. Any insulation is better than old insulation that's there now, but polyurethane spray insulation is a great option. This foam is sprayed throughout the walls, expanding to fill the area and to fill in all small cracks and airways. Air doesn't pass through, the structure of the wall is supported, and the walls become resistant to passing sounds. Ask about getting new insulation to improve efficiency when the siding is removed.


If your windows are decades old, it may be time to replace them for newer more efficient and secure options. Choose windows that have the appropriate U-value for the area that you live in, and look for windows that have glaze options. You want windows that are going to make the home more efficient, that stop moisture from getting inside the home, and that are going to update the appearance of the house. A company like Morgan Exteriors Inc can help you pick windows that are best suited to your home's needs.

If you can feel the wind when you walk by a wall or a window, and you know that the exterior protective structures around your home aren't as new or great as they once were, spend the time and money to improve the home with new options. There are a lot of benefits to updating all of these different features around your property, and you're going to see the benefits right away on your heating and cooling bills. These adjustments are also going to add to your property value, which makes it smart to invest the money.