It’s Shattered: 3 Steps To Replace A Broken Glass Door Pane

Glass doors look beautiful on any home. Unfortunately, a broken glass pane does more than create an unsightly mess for you. It also creates a safety hazard for you and your family. Those glass shards can cut you, while the gaping hole provides easy access for burglars. If your glass pane door has broken, you're going to need to take care of the repairs as soon as possible. Here are some easy-to-follow instructions that will help you repair the damage quickly and safely.

Seal the Broken Glass

The first thing you'll need to do is remove the broken glass. Before you do that, however, you'll need to ensure that it doesn't break into small pieces while you're removing it. Cover both sides of the glass pane with blue painter's tape. This will ensure that the glass doesn't shatter into small pieces while you're removing it. If you don't have painter's tape, you can also use duct tape or packing tape.

Remove the Broken Pane

When removing the glass pane, you'll need to begin by removing the glazing putty. That's the protective seal that fits around the glass pane. Use a utility knife to cut through the putty and then peel it away from the door. Once the putty is gone, you'll need to remove the wood strips that hold the glass in place. Place the tip of a standard screwdriver under the edge of the first wood strip and lift up. Move the screwdriver along the edge of the strip until it lifts up. Remove the strip and move on to the next one. Continue working around the window until all four strips have been removed. You'll now be able to carefully lift the glass pane out of the door. When you have the pane out of the door, measure the open space. This will give you the measurements for your new glass pane. Glass panes can be purchased at most home improvement centers or at a glass company near you.

Install the New Pane

Once you have your new pane, carefully lay it down on a smooth surface. Apply a thin strip of glazing putty along the edges of the glass. Place the pane inside the space where you removed the broken glass from. Be sure to place the pane in with the putty facing inwards. Carefully press down on the edges of the glass to secure the putty. Next, re-position each of the wood strips that you removed from around the edges of the broken glass. Finally, apply a thin strip of glazing putty along the edges of the window to secure the wood strips. Allow the glazing putty to dry.

If you've got a broken window pane, you can use the steps provided here to get it repaired quickly. If you have larger windows or full-length glass doors that have been broken, be sure to contact a glass repair company like Cheaper Window Glass INC. They'll be able to take care of those repairs for you.