4 Reasons To Consider A Garden Window For Your Kitchen

If you need to replace the window in your kitchen above your sink, instead of going with a picture window or a sliding glass window, consider installing a garden window. A garden window can let in a lot of light and air into your kitchen. A garden window also provides you with extra space to display items or put plants. Additionally, a garden window can look charming, both inside and outside of your home.

#1 Lots of Light

One of the great things about a garden window is that it can provide your kitchen with a lot of light. A garden window extends outward from your home, with windows on the side and with a tilted window at the top that provides an almost skylight effect. The larger space of a garden window allows more light to come into your home than with a traditional picture or sliding window. If you want to enjoy more light from your kitchen window, a garden window is a great way to bring in extra light.

#2 Good Airflow

A garden window is designed to open up, allowing you to get some airflow in your kitchen. You can open and close each pane on your garden window. This can allow you to create a cross-breeze in your kitchen using just your garden window. With a garden window, you can vary the direction that the air is coming from in your home.

#3 Extra Space

A garden window can provide you with extra space to use in your kitchen. You can display household plants in your garden window. You can grow herbs in your kitchen window. You can use your garden window as a perfect warm place for bread to rise in the sunshine, or you can use your garden window as a way to display other items in your kitchen. A garden window provides versatile extra space for you to use in your kitchen; this space can be really valuable, especially in a smaller kitchen.

#4 Looks Charming

Finally, a garden window looks really charming, both from the inside and from the outside. It can increase the outside curb appeal of your home, and it can complement the aesthetics of the inside of your home as well.

A garden window can be a charming addition to your home, providing your kitchen with extra light, airflow, and display space. If you need to get rid of your current kitchen window, a garden window can be a great replacement window.

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