Three Advantages of Glass Shower Doors

When remodeling your bathroom, the design of your shower is the centerpiece. There are a number of options that you are able to choose from, including a simple shower curtain on a rod to different styles of glass doors. Understanding the major advantages of choosing a glass door for your shower enclosure can make it easier for you to pick the best option for your bathroom's design.

Increased Light and Visual Space

From an interior design perspective, one of the largest benefits associated with choosing a glass shower door is that doing so will greatly open up the amount of visual space in your bathroom. This is because natural light will be able to pass through the glass, making shower doors the ideal choice for smaller bathrooms that don't want to appear too cramped. Differing grades of opacity and reflectiveness can also be used to either expand a small bathroom or brighten up a bathroom that does not receive a great deal of natural light or that does not have that much artificial light available. 

Reduced Risk of Mold

When compared to shower curtains, glass shower doors are much better at staying clean. This is because they will not hold onto water for very long, and they don't require regular maintenance to stay in good condition. Instead, all you have to do to remove water stains from setting in is wipe the glass down occasionally with a squeegee or similar tool. This is a major time saver since you won't have to worry about constantly watching out for mold, and you'll save money on replacing old curtains that eventually become too covered in mildew to continue using—which beyond being unsightly, can also be a health risk.

Perfect Water Seal

Another thing to note about glass shower doors is that they create a better seal around the shower than a curtain or an alternative solution could provide. This means you won't have to worry about cleaning your bathroom up after you shower. Furthermore, a perfect seal around your shower is not only a good anti-mold benefit—since you won't have to worry about other surfaces being exposed to excessive amounts of water—but it is also a significant safety feature. Water on tiled or laminate floors can be a major slipping hazard, and the hard surfaces within bathrooms can represent a large danger.

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