Five Signs You Need a New Entry Door

A new front door is an easy way to give your home's facade a facelift. Of course, there are reasons other than appearance to get a new door, as the following illustrates.

1. Water Damage

Both wood and metal doors can fall prey to water damage. On wood doors, damage can appear as cracks or soft rotten areas. Sometimes paint will peel or bubble, and fresh paint is only a temporary fix. Metal doors are fairly water resistant unless they suffer other damages, such as dents. These damages will then expose the metal to moisture and oxygen, thus leading to the possibility of rust.

2. Warping

Wood doors are the most likely to warp. This is usually a result of water soaking into the wood and causing it to swell. Vinyl doors may also warp, particularly those that have wood internal frames that may swell or bend. A warped door may not work properly, or it simply may look bad, depending on the extent of the damage. On wood doors, warping is usually a precursor of wood rot, which will then cause the door to degrade quickly.

3. Air Gaps

There should be no air gaps around a door. If you can see daylight around the door when it is closed, or feel a breeze blowing through, then your door may need to be replaced. Small gaps as a result of worn weatherstripping are the exception. The problem is when there are large gaps that can't be easily remedied with the replacement of the standard weatherstripping. Uneven gaps are especially problematic, as they can indicate issues with both the door and the door frame.

4. Security Concerns

Not all doors are created equal. If you have a thin wood or hollow door, there may be some security concerns. These doors can often be kicked in or pried open easily. If you want a more secure entry, consider a metal door. Further, look for a metal door with a secure metal door frame, as these are more difficult to force open or kick in.

5. Usage Difficulties

Has your door become more difficult to use? For example, a door that is sticking and hard to open or one that doesn't want to close and latch properly are both signs that the door is reaching the end of its useful life. For safety, security, and ease of use, it is advised to replace a door that is no longer working at its optimum.

Contact a replacement door contractor to look at new door options.