Troubleshooting Window Problems

Two Things You Should Not Do So You Can Avoid An Auto Windshield Replacement In Winter

Having to replace your windshield in the warmer months is unpleasant enough. However, you do have nice, warm weather and only rainy days might prove to be a problem when you are driving. If your windshield cracks or shatters in the middle of winter, the repairs and replacement cannot wait--it has to be done right away or you will freeze (or the weight of snow and ice will make the problem worse). Read More 

3 DIY Projects To Give Replacement Windows More Details And Practical Features

Investing in replacement windows gives you energy efficiency, but they may not really change the look of your home. During the installation process, old trim and woodwork is often left in place. If you have newer metal or vinyl windows, there may virtually be no trim around the window at all, which is why you may be looking for ways to improve the appearance of your windows. Adding trim to the outside with woodworking projects can be a good way to add attractive details, as well as practical features. Read More 

The Perks Of Owning Fiberglass Windows

Upgrading residential windows is obviously a very big investment. The remodel will take some time and requires some serious labor that often requires you sleep somewhere else for a few days. While it is definitely an installation that needs to be handled by professionals. Even though window installation is quite expensive, it is still very smart investment when you consider the long-term advantages. This article explains the long term advantages of installing fiberglass window fixtures. Read More 

Is It Necessary To Replace Older Windows To Lower Energy Costs?

Your windows play a major role in the overall energy efficiency of your home. If buying new windows to replace older ones is not in your budget, there are things you can do to make your windows more efficient. Here are some suggestions you can implement without much work. Use Window Film Window film is an easy-to-install method of improving the energy efficiency of windows. The film is available in various tints, which not only helps to block out heat and sunlight, but also adds a layer of protection to your home. Read More 

Why You Should Pick Fiberglass Windows

Upgrading the windows in your home is a great chance to not only change the style of the inside and outside of your property, but also to increase its energy efficiency. Installing new windows in your home is obviously a very expensive home remodel, but you will definitely earn most of the money back when you consider how much you end up saving through reduced utility bills. This is especially true if your windows are very old and leaky. Read More