Troubleshooting Window Problems

Just Get New Windows? Learn How To Clean Them Like A Pro

Replacing old windows should be a very easy decision to make as a homeowner. It will increase your home's value, cut down on your cooling and heating costs, and help your home look amazing. It's not so easy keeping your windows as squeaky clean as when they were first installed though. Water, dirt, and your kids fingerprints can easily cause a new window to look dirty after a few days of being installed. Read More 

Tips For Preventing Mold In Your Aluminum Windows

Condensation on windows with cold temperatures meeting the warm window can cause the aluminum window frame to mold. The problem can be increased if the window has been painted with a latex paint. The paint can become damp and cause condensation. Therefore, if you have paint on the aluminum, it is advisable to remove it with a scraper. Here are a few simple tips to prevent the mold issue in your home. Read More 

Like To Change How Your Home Looks Often? Consider Decorative Window Film

When you own a home, you may treat your property as an extension of yourself. If it does not possess an appearance that reflects what you like, you may not be happy with how it looks as a whole. Many homeowners will satisfy this desire with professional or do-it-yourself interior design. But, you may want to invest in something a little more permanent, but not so lasting that you cannot make changes with relative ease. Read More 

Four Businesses That Should Invest In Deep Commercial Window Film

If you have a storefront that is surrounded in windows, you have an enviable piece of real estate. Stores and service shops that allow customers to look inside are likely to pick up business from passersby who became interested after walking past the shop. Despite the idea of more foot traffic, there are some businesses who should invest in deep tinted window film for their company doors and windows. Here are four businesses who should turn up the tint due to their customers and products. Read More 

3 Tips For Staging Your Home Before Selling It

If you are putting your house on the market soon, you will first need to stage it. You may still be living in the home when the realtor begins showing it to potential homebuyers, but it is a good idea to move out at least some of your belongings and stage it so others can view their own belongings in the home. Here are some tips for staging the home. Read More