Should You Choose Low-E Glass Windows?

If you're having new windows installed and have been exploring your options, one that you may come across is low-e glass. This option is particularly common among homeowners who are looking to improve their home' energy efficiency and decrease heating and cooling costs. But what is low-e glass, and is it the right choice for you? What does "low-e" stand for? The "e" in "low-e" stands for "emissivity." This is a property of glass that indicates what portion of heat that comes into contact with it is transferred through it. Read More 

Why Storm Windows Are Great for Any Home

Do you ever walk by a closed window in your home but still notice a strong breeze or cold pocket of air near it? If so, it might be time to consider investing in replacement windows. Storm windows basically look just like normal windows, except they are reinforced to be stronger and more energy efficient. While they are commonly required in areas that are subject to natural disasters, storm windows are also a great option for homeowners who live in a mild climate. Read More 

Want New Window Treatments? 4 Reasons To Add A Layer Of Blackout Curtains

Decorating your home is not just for looks, especially when you involve window treatments. Whether you choose blinds, curtains, or shades can impact how easy it is to block light, let light in, and enjoy privacy. If you already have window treatments on the windows in your home, you may think that you would have to replace them with new ones that are thicker to enjoy more privacy and block out more light. Read More 

Considerations For Buying Blinds

In order to keep your home well decorated and to control the flow of light, you will need to invest in some great blinds. This guide will teach you all about the different types of blinds you can purchase, some tips for making the right selection and an idea of how much you might expect to pay. Use this information to guide your decisions making process.  Tip #1: Learn The Different Types Of Blinds That Are Available Read More 

Buying A New Home And Spouse In A Wheelchair? Things To Consider With The Doors And Windows

If you want to buy a new home and your spouse is in a wheelchair, it can make it more difficult. They need to be independent as much as they can, and you can help them do this taking things into consideration. Two of these things are the doors and windows. Keep reading so you can make sure your new home is comfortable and safe for your spouse. Doors Take a walk through the home you are considering purchasing. Read More